Double Vision, Headaches & Lower Back Pain Relieved

Dear Dr. Turpin and staff,

Before I came to your office, I was having double vision and headaches, then to top it all off something happened to my lower back, the pain became unbearable. I went to my general practitioner who advised me not to go to a chiropractor, and even though I had my own doubts about chiropractic, after being in pain for a couple of days, I decided it couldn’t hurt me any…  Continue reading

Headaches, Muscle Spasms and Pain Relieved

Dear Dr. Turpin and Staff,

I wanted to write a short letter of thanks for the fantastic treatment you and your staff has provided for my son and myself. Prior to our initial meeting with you both of us suffered with minor medical problems, which manifested as headaches, muscle spasms and almost constant pain in our lower back and necks…Continue reading

No More Chronic Lower Back Pain & Numb Legs

Dear Dr. Turpin,

I have had severe lower back pain for the past couple of years. It became much worse the last several months due to the physical labor my job requires. My legs often went numb when I bent down. My girlfriend told me I should see a chiropractor I kept pulling it off and making excuses not to go. The pain had become so bad I was often unable to go to work. I finally decided to come and see you…Continue reading

Standing Up Straight, Without Pain Now

Dear Dr. Turpin,

As you know, I was a chiropractic holdout for 15 years. It wasn’t the fact that I’ve had several car accidents, been thrown off horses more times than I can count, the inability to stand up straight for longer than 10 minutes at a time, my four hour limit for lying in bed or that I’ve had chronic back pain for the past 15 years that finally convinced me to come in for an evaluation…Continue reading