Double Vision, Headaches & Lower Back Pain Relieved

Dear Dr. Turpin and staff,

Before I came to your office, I was having double vision and headaches, then to top it all off something happened to my lower back, the pain became unbearable. I went to my general practitioner who advised me not to go to a chiropractor, and even though I had my own doubts about chiropractic, after being in pain for a couple of days, I decided it couldn’t hurt me any…  In the mean time, I had been to an ophthalmologist for my headaches and double vision. The ophthalmologist said that my eyes were fine and he really didn’t know why I was having headaches and double vision. My general practitioner decided to send me to a neurologist, and the neurologist sent me in for an M.R.I. So I finally while 1 was waiting my M.R.I. appointment, Dr. Turpin coats waltzing into my work. I decided I would quiz him a little on my insurance, and see what he thought. He left my work and about five minutes later the phone rang it was Marti. She answered all my insurance questions and scheduled an appointment right away. Marti has been great on the insurance part of everything (those people don’t scare her). Thanks Marti!

Dr. Turpin you did your exam and found lots of really big words. With the help of Lynette you snap, crackle and adjusted (I know you hate the term popped) me back into where at least I can stand and sit instead of laying flat on my back. I was getting more depressed every day. Like you said, Dr. Turpin the M.R.I. came back normal. I now wish I had come to you in the very beginning. The positive attitudes in your office, and the positive energy, goes home with your patients. You have gone above and beyond what most doctors do for their patients. You make every patient feel like they are the only one. So now that handsome guy on the front of the phonebook, that I knew as the guy I used to doodle on, by putting devil horns and a goatee, now gets angel wings, a halo and a name… Dr. Turpin, thanks for everything!