Standing Up Straight, Without Pain Now

Dear Dr. Turpin,

As you know, I was a chiropractic holdout for 15 years. It wasn’t the fact that I’ve had several car accidents, been thrown off horses more times than I can count, the inability to stand up straight for longer than 10 minutes at a time, my four hour limit for lying in bed or that I’ve had chronic back pain for the past 15 years that finally convinced me to come in for an evaluation…

It was because one of my horse trainers stud that I was twisting while I rode. (WELL … we can’t have THAT!!!). I don’t even remember what my reservations were for seeing a chiropractor, even though I hate my horses adjusted regularly and they always act like they feel great afterwards (Now I know why!)

Since I began receiving adjustments last month, I’m still amazed every day when I get out of bed and can stand up straight! I wake up now because of the alarm, not my back pain. Previously, the only way I could begin the day was by taking 800 mg of Advil and waiting for it to take effect before I could do anything. My husband always claimed I was a “broken model.” Well, I have only taken Advil two or three times since I starting coming to your office, and it was for arthritis in my hands, not my back or neck. (I have no doubt that company is going to notice a significant decrease in sales!)

I want to thank you for hugely improving my life with your knowledge and skills. I’m looking forward to riding my horses ‘for the rest of my life,” as you like to say, and not to feel like I’ve been in a train wreck afterwards. I wish I had known l5 years ago how much chiropractic care would have helped me, but at least I’m on the right track now!!!

Finally, I hope you know what a GREAT staff you have! I had stopped in another chiropractor’s office before coming to yours. (earlier the same day), and didn’t feel welcome like I do every time I come in yours (I ended up leaving that office feeling uncomfortable, and didn’t even sign up for treatment – lucky you!) The friendly atmosphere you and your staff provide really does make a difference. Thanks again for all your help!