No More Chronic Lower Back Pain & Numb Legs

Dear Dr. Turpin,

I have had severe lower back pain for the past couple of years. It became much worse the last several months due to the physical labor my job requires. My legs often went numb when I bent down. My girlfriend told me I should see a chiropractor I kept pulling it off and making excuses not to go. The pain had become so bad I was often unable to go to work. I finally decided to come and see you…

After the first couple of visits I felt a lot better, so I continued with my treatment. After two months of treatment, my back no longer aches, but I want to continue with the treatment in order to correct the problem. I’m so glad I finally gave in and came to see you because you have made a real difference in my health. I really appreciate your warm welcome when I come to the office. It makes it much easier to come to the appointments. I also want to thank all the office staff as they always have a smile on their face, making me feel welcome.